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Lines on the road provide direction, delineation, and guidance to motorists as
well as designate allowable or prohibitive driving maneuvers. When lines are worn, they are not as reflective; therefore, not as effective. Because the safety of all motorists is important to PENNDOT, the lines on every road in the district are repainted every year.

When a painting operation is out on the road, there is a paint truck and a supply truck (there are two supply trucks if painting on a freeway or expressway). Motorists should know the following when sharing the road with a line painting operation:

  • Give’em a brake! The vehicles usually travel about 15 miles per hour so please slow down and be patient when warned of work ahead or lane closures. Crashes are not accidents; they are preventable.

  • Use caution! Stay at least 10 car lengths behind the supply truck and try to stay off the lines to avoid getting paint on your vehicle. When the weather is cooperating, it takes about two minutes for the paint to skin over and not be smeared when a vehicle crosses at a 45° angle. Keeping your distance and staying in your lane will accommodate the drying process so your vehicle will not be sprayed and the line will not be damaged.

  • If you get paint on your vehicle, as soon as possible, dampen a cloth with denatured alcohol, soak paint to be removed, and go to a car wash.


Line Painting

Lane lines are repainted once a year. We use a latex paint that needs 5-10 minutes to dry. Because of this, the "Big Rig" is followed by a pickup truck that has a worker setting out cones. This truck is followed by another truck with flashing lights and a large sign for safety.

Annual line painting is a weather sensitive job that usually starts in spring. The operation begins downtown, then heads out to the east side and works its way west.

Directional pavement markings are done in a variety of ways. The most common methods are painting using stencils and applying large tape-like stickers that bond to the asphalt. The painting crew uses a small painting machine for directional arrows as well as cross-hatching and other small pavement markings.

The large cold tape markings are used in asphalt areas but are temperature sensitive and won’t bond to concrete. Crosswalks and some other specialty markings are made using a material that is called Thermoplastic; blocks of plastic which are melted and sprayed onto the road surface. It dries in 1 minute. Thermoplastic lasts 4-7 years but doesn’t adhere well to concrete. 

Your Roofers Roofer! Fix A Roof Roofing has been selected by various large New York City institutions to do their snow removal work. Most have done stringent background checks on the company, with the respect to our integrity, quality of workmanship, financial stability, service, customer satisfaction and the way we hire our staff.


Why Choose FixaRoof?

What are the reasons why we feel you should consider Fixaroof over other firms? 

We have over 50 Line Painting and Paving Trucks  immediate action

Our men know how to conduct themselves on your property; and they wear proper, modest attire.

Each job and each proposal is important to us. We take the time to investigate your project, prepare drawings, photographs, as well as energy studies, and not just throw a bid together for the cheapest job. All of this is to present you with what we feel is the best possible investment - one that meets the unique aspects of your Line Painting Paving or Top Coating Project.

Fixaroof and it's associates continues to carry substantial insurance coverage in spite of insurance premium increases as a result of our September 11th tragedy. Many firms have cut back on insurance coverage to conserve costs. We feel your project is too important to take such a risk.

The manufacturers we use are substantial. They produce their own products in their own factories and are ones that we feel you can depend upon.

Last, every Line painting Project we dois important to us and every roof receives our full and undivided attention.

There are many good manufacturers of good products, but a good manufacturer and a good product does not necessarily guarantee a good roof. The difference is in the applicator that you choose to install your new roof system.

If you are interested in why others have chosen Fixaroof, we hope that you will take the time ask for references. We take pride in what we do and understand that the satisfaction of our customers will speak volumes more about who we are and what we stand for -- far more than we ever could.

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Fixaroof is always looking for qualified roofing mechanics


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"NYC Line Painting New Jersey Line Painting
" "NYC Line Painting New Jersey Line Painting

Servicing All of New Jersey New York Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Bronx Staten Island Long Island and Westchester counties

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