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Roof Stains (black algae)

GOOD NEWS! Those Ugly roof stains can be removed from your roof, quickly, easily, safely, and affordably.  Your roof can look like new again for a fraction of the cost of re-roofing. Don't replace it just because it has ugly algae!

What are those ugly roof stains?
Ugly roof stains are not caused by trees, birds, leaves, or pine needles.  The stains are caused by the air-born spores from black algae, fungus and mold.  The spores land on your roof and grow on the asphalt material the shingles are made from.

Why do the stains only grow on one side of my roof?
Black algae usually grows on the North side of the home as well as areas under trees. The North side of the home gets the least amount of sun and therefore stays wet the longest.  The same is true with the area under trees where there is the most shade and the trees drip rain water keeping the surface wet for longer.  The moisture allows the algae to flourish.

Will the algae harm my shingles?
Yes, if left untreated for long enough.  Over time the algae growth can cause your shingles to dry, crack and curl.  Leaks will result leading to premature roof replacement.  With proper maintenance, your roof should last at least as long as the warranty period.

Can I use chlorine bleach to remove the stains?
Some contractors and home owners do use chlorine bleach to clean their roofs, but it is not advisable.  Bleach will clean the surface of the shingle but will not kill the whole algae colony.  The stains usually start to reappear within 12 to 18 months.  Chlorine will also kill your plants, and is harmful to the environment.  In some cases, the chlorine runoff from the roof can void your termite warranty due to the interaction with the chemicals in the ground guarding your home.  In short, using chlorine is not worth the risk when there are other much safer and less costly  alternatives. 

Will cleaning my roof with a pressure washer harm my roof?
YES! Never use a standard commercial pressure washer to clean your roof.  Using a pressure washer will clean the stains from your roof but will also remove the surface of your shingles.  Many homeowners have replaced their roofs within just a few years after cleaning it with commercial pressure washers

How Do I Clean My  Roof?

Don't replace your roof just because you have ugly roof stains!


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