State legislation passed in June 2008 allows New York City building owners who install vegetation on at least half their buildings’ available rooftop space to offset $4.50 in property taxes for each square foot of green roof they install, for one year. The credit covers about a quarter of the cost of installation and is capped at $100,000. The tax credit was designed to encourage property owners to contribute to the public benefits of green roofs, such as increased rainwater storage and reduced sewer overflows. As little as 1/10" of rain can overwhelm the capacity of the city’s combined sewers, contributing to the 2 billion gallons of raw sewage released into waterways annually. According to New York City Soil & Water Conservation District board member Paul Mankiewicz, 10,000 ft2 of vegetated roof can capture 6,000–12,000 gallons of water during a storm.

Building owners can apply for the credit as of January 1, 2009; the program is authorized through March 2013.

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Green Roof
Our industry is inundated with the euphoria surrounding everything green. Architects demand it, owners want it and, of course, we (the industry) desire to be part of it. But what is it really? Is it a product, a component, an installation? Actually, it is all of these and more. We are remiss in our ability to train, educate and implement the “total green concept” to our people and those we serve. FIXAROOF believes in using products which are environmentally friendly.

Live Roof
As our global climate continues to change, so do the rooftops that adorn commercial buildings across the world. With an ever increasing demand for roofs that are environmentally responsible roofs are no longer faced with the task of solely keeping the building waterproof. This often overlooked and under-utilized area is now being seen as a prime opportunity to reduce storm water run-off, produce energy, reduce noise, and create habitats in urban landscapes. The LiveRoof Module is a fully pre-vegetated garden roofing product that provides the building owner with a quick and easy way to turn any roof into an environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing roof.

Gird Systems
GreenGrid Roof Garden Systems offer distinct advantages over more complex systems with their simplicity in design, pre-planted modules and movable modular features. GreenGrid Roof Garden Systems are an easy was to create a rooftop that becomes more that just a one-dimensional waterproofing system. They reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect, improve air quality, extend roof life, aid in storm weather management by alleviating storm water run-off, add aesthetic value and require minimal maintenance.

Waterproofing Process
Provides waterproofing for piping through roof decks such as non-round geometric shapes or closely grouped conduit, gas, water or HVAC compressor line sets. Pipes that penetrate roof systems require weatherproofing and we manufacture top installation Storm Collars for waterproofing roof penetrations that are accessible from the top.

Fixaroof offers an extensive range of exceptionally durable systems that significantly extend the maintenance cycles far beyond alternative roofing materials, which soon degrade under sunlight and rapidly changing temperatures, leading to early replacement. Cavco’s roofing systems are designed to overcome the many problems associated with traditional materials, such as felt and asphalt.

Hot Rubberized Asphalt
Leading architects and designers know the impact a building can have on the environment. This is why many are turning to Henry Building Envelope Systems for strategies in sustainable designs. Over 1.5 million square-feet of 790-11 Hot Rubberized Asphalt has been installed in green roof projects across North America.

SBS Modified bitumen
The concept of liquid roofing is simple; by applying a cold fluid material to a new or leaking roof structure, total weatherproof protection can be achieved. The fluid applied material cures to produce a durable, seamless, waterproof, elastomeric skin, totally free from fasteners, seams, welds or joints. Liquid Plastics roofing systems are easy to apply by brush, roller or spray, including over complex roof details such as upstands and skylights. The system also provides a complete, long-lasting, maintenance-free barrier against damaging water ingress.

SBS Modified bitumen
The high-performance Modified Bitumen Roofing System provides high-tensile strength in a rugged, reinforced two-ply membrane. Firestone brings the added value of industry-leading adhesives for both the membranes and the installation components, completely eliminating the need for open flame or hot asphalt. Multiple surfacing options provide the specifier and designer with aesthetic flexibility.




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