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Ready to redo your roof? Just Need A Repair? Start here by filling out this form. We will help you design your project and provide you with an estimate. Just provide us with some basic information.

Many roofing companies will submit bids to you to perform work on your project. We do not know whether we are the lowest, highest, or in the middle somewhere and don't know what your criteria are in deciding in your choice of roofing contractor. Price is a factor, but remember you get what you pay for. There is always a trade off between price and quality. It is a fact of life that people who put forth more effort, skill and quality will naturally be paid more than those who do not. It is very important to know what standard you are buying, what you are getting in terms of quality of materials, standard of workmanship and level of skill. How much attention is given to detail? Will the job be done right or will just enough be done to get by, which could cause future expense and trouble on any project.


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If you are interested in why others have chosen Fixaroof, we hope that you will take the time ask for references. We take pride in what we do and understand that the satisfaction of our customers will speak volumes more about who we are and what we stand for -- far more than we ever could.


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“I felt I was getting an honest appraisal from someone who knew what he was doing. Incidentally, his estimate was also the lowest of the 4 I received.“ —Melissa in Staten Island “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for connecting me with this contractor. The renovations on my house were completed on time and the job was well done, neat and of the highest quality. I am an extremely meticulous person and they have met and exceeded my expectations. My house is now the show piece of the Neighborhood.“ —Jack Ryan in Staten Island NY “I would highly recommend Fixaroof. I thought it was a great service. The roofers we hired is probably one of the finest people I have ever met in the home improvement field.“ —James. in Staten Island “I was extremely impressed with Fixaroof. My previous experience with contractors was not a positive one at all. Your company changed all that for me. The timeliness and work quality of the company I hired was refreshing. I will definitely recommend Fixaroof whenever possible.“ —Shirley in Manhattan New York “My entire experience was positive and professional from the initial contact and estimate to the completed project and inspection ... All paperwork was submitted to me on letterhead both via email and hard copy. As I live out-of-state and was on site every couple of weeks, the contractor kept me appraised of status by frequent phone calls and sending digital images of the progress ... The contractor took extra initiative and effort in securing necessary permits and addressing additional steps not initially evident but became necessary as the work progressed“ —F. Farfalla in New York “I was VERY pleased with not only your service and the quality of the Fixaroof. I was very pleased with their estimate as it was the same as the final price. Their work was very good.“ —Jim C. in NJ “I appreciate all the hard work and your follow through. Your company really stands out in regards to customer service and care.“ —Catalina in Sheepshead Bay “I felt more comfortable knowing that Fixaroof was licensed and insured. I didn't have as much to worry about because they were doing the legwork for me. Best of all I didn't feel pressured at my appointment by the contractor trying to "sell himself." I would definitely recommend Fixaroof.“ —Anthony. in East New York “The work performed was outstanding. I was very impressed with Fixaroof. I used to be a contractor and know how hard it is to find good ones.“ —Bruce M. in Brooklyn “Just to let you know , how happy I am with Fixaroof. James was a great contractor and saved me the time in which I would normally have to get annoyed with cancellations, inferior work, phony recommendations, etc. I will always use you in the future.“ —Paul Leung. in Brooklyn “You have some of the most wonderful workers I've ever met! They were all so professional and courteous. I'm thrilled at the level of service you provided me and I'm going to recommend you to everyone I know!“ —Jackie in Manhattan “Thanks again for your fine service in the successful completion of my project. Your repeated follow-up with me showed your personal sincere interest and that is a special thing is these times of indifference. As a company you should be proud.“ —George. in Manhattan NY “Most impressive with his appearance, presentation, and communication skills. He took the time to look over our house in detail.“ —Sharon in North Brunswick “I was thrilled to find out how easy your service was. There is no question that you saved me a lot of time and trouble. Any chance you could schedule my doctor and dentist appointments as well?“ —Bryan in Long Island “It was fantastic. I, for whatever reason, was not looking forward to the appointment. But James made it a pleasure! I was very satisfied.“ —Debra in Manhattan “Good morning, I'm writing in regard to the estimate I've received. Thank you for keeping the appointment. You have a great service. “ —Cheri Paul in Flatbush Brooklyn “I am really happy with your services. The contractor you set me up with was top-drawer and reasonably priced as well. They gave me lots of suggestions. Thanks, Fixaroof!“ —Dennis in New Jersey “I will also recommend Fixaroof's service to assist my friends, family and co-workers in their search of contractors. Thank you again.“ —Bob in NJ “I cannot believe we took care of this in one phone call, thank you so much!“ —M. W. in Staten Island “The contractor was great. He made both my wife and I feel comfortable for the moment he walked into the house.“ —Jeff in Staten Island “I just wanted to let you know the contractors you scheduled for me came on time and were very knowledgeable. I was able to quickly find someone that I felt very comfortable working with and hired them. You have a great system.“ —Andrew in Queens “Also very impressed with your service. All of your representatives were very kind and informative. I'm glad we found you. I would gladly tell others about your service. Thank you for all your help. It made things a lot easier. Thanks Fixaroof.“ —Kathie E. in Brooklyn “The contractor who worked on my house was so professional and knowledgeable. I would have never stumbled across them if it wasn't for you. Thank you!“ —Monica in Brooklyn “I thought the estimate was very fair and he also provided us with a discount for scheduling during his only free day next week. We were very pleased with the estimate process and look forward to a job well done!“ —Maria in Manhattan “I was a little worried because I didn't know much about them, but after reading Fixaroof's guidelines on hiring contractors made me feel a lot better.“ —Thomas in Bronx “Very personable and professional. Clearly explained every step of what needed and didn't need to be done.“ —Karen in Bensonhurst “Fixaroof was very professional, fast and the best value that I found. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks for your great service you provide here. You took the stress out of getting my project done.“ —Dennis in New York © 2006 Fixaroof, LLC




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