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These are the steps we take to perform a full shingle removal

·         PROPERTY PROTECTION - prepare premises using tarps and plywood to cover shrubs, walkways and windows if needed

·         ICE & WATER BARRIER - a must in rainy or cold climates to provide effective long term added protection against Water damage from the ice build-up and wind driven rain along gutters of your roof

·         PROPER VENTILATION - will prevent heat build-up in the attic space during summer and keep the attic moisture free in the winter. Proper ventilation also extends the life of your shingles that causes premature aging.

·         CHIMNEY & WALL FLASHINGS - Chimney flashings are repairable, How ever if the Flashings need to be replaced then we will do so.

·         PREMIUM ROOFING SHINGLES. We only use quality shingles. These shingle will help provide lasting added protection and beauty to your home. Shingles are available in 25, 30, 40 and lifetime warranties that  are offered by the manufacture, This will depend on your budget .

·         CLEAN UP - After job completion, we will  broom clean your completed roof removing most loose granules, any nails or other miscellaneous debris that may have fallen in your gutters, also we bang in your loose spikes to prevent your  gutter from becoming loose and possibly falling down . We will also pick up all debris left on your yard or driveway. Rake any grassy areas as necessary and remove protective coverings from your bushes and plants. We try to leave the job in the same condition as before we arrived.

·         A FULL INSPECTION BY ONE OF OUR CERTIFIED ROOFING INSPECTORS  After installation, a full inspection will be performed by your original roofing estimator who is a certified roofing technician to ensure all necessary procedures have been completed for customer satisfaction.

Do I really need a roof removal? click here to see damage roofing




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Roofing * Roofing material * roofing shingles * tile roofing * roofing contractor * roofing supply *

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