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Brooklyn Roof Repairs - Roof Repairs in Brooklyn, Queens Staten Island Manhattan

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Roof Repairs and Replacement
Roof Repair & Replacement Design Documents
FIXAROOF utilizes Microsoft Word and AutoCAD for all design projects. To serve you better, we can provide all documentation of specifications and design drawings for your records on compatible software.

Roof Plans are drawn to scale with all rooftop penetrations indicated and roof drains located. If the replacement system requires tapered insulation, the system is designed and indicated in an additional plan. Detail
drawings typically reflect chosen roof system manufacturers and NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) recommended roof installation procedures. Most of our details are drawn utilizing isometrics to provide
better clarity and understanding of the installation intent.

Unique Specifications for Every Project
Contract documents are prepared to include all circumstances which may have an impact on the specific project, i.e. deck replacement, additional drainage capabilities, interior protections, etc. This approach is
designed to maximize protection for the building Owner and contractor. Few things are more frustrating in regards to your home, than a leaking roof. Intruding water damages insulation, drywall, paint, carpet, personal items, etc.

The age and condition of your roof is the deciding factor on whether your roof can be repaired, or should be replaced. Depending on the type of roof system, temporary repairs are sometimes possible even on roofs that need to be replaced.

Common causes:

  • Shingle Roofs
    There are numerous causes for leaks on shingle roof installations. Including, shingle deterioration, penetration treatment break down, damage to roof materials (hail, trees limbs, foot traffic etc.) failed flashing, ice dams, improper installation of roof system (or improper materials installed).

    Shingle / Material deterioration due to age is not repairable. Shingles at the end of their life span will lose granules, become brittle, curl, crack and split. After a windy day, if you notice granules on your walks, or driveway, the shingles are breaking down.
    There is no cure or repair for this situation, any attempt at repair would be short lived at best. One needs to consider a new roof at this time.

     Roof penetration treatment , referred to as "pipe jacks" "pipe boots", and attic ventilation fixtures. Break down of the treatments can be a matter of low quality material used, or failure of the sealant used to keep fixture water tight or damage to the fixture itself by falling objects, foot traffic etc. Plastic components are usually less durable against the elements and can warp, crack, split etc. As long as the shingles are viable, a repair is typically a minor procedure consisting of either re-sealing or replacement.

    Damage to roof (non age related) materials can reduce the lifetime of a shingle dramatically. Exposure to unexpected, out of the ordinary conditions can not only shorten the life of the materials but void material and labor warranties.

      Hail depending on the size and severity can be very damaging to shingle surfaces and roof components. Damaging hail results in granule loss, to full penetration of the shingle (holes. Generally hail under 3/4" in diameter will not cause significant damage, unless the material is already in an advanced stage of deterioration (dry, brittle, losing granules etc.)***NOTE: Hail along with other extreme weather related conditions are not typically covered under manufacturer or labor warranties, eg; tornado, hurricane, lightening strikes etc

      Tree limbs lying on the roof surface (dragging and rubbing the shingles when wind driven) loosens the granules which are on the shingle for UV protection causing premature aging. Frequently, limbs will catch the edge of a sealed shingle, lifting it thus breaking the seal or the shingle itself. Leaves left on the roof (especially in low slope valleys) can compost and will damage the shingle in a short period of time.

      Foot traffic can damage the shingles in several ways. Granule loss, scarring, breakage, disrupting seal etc. Shingles are not manufactured to withstand foot traffic activity, extreme care should be taken when one feels it necessary to get on a roof, not only safety concerns, but damage to the roof system. Foot traffic will typically void material and labor warranties. Best advice is to stay off the roof!

      Ice dams are not only troublesome due to causing interior leakage, they can also cause damage to the roofing material. The expansion of intrusive water freezing can cause seals to break, and degrade underlayment, and prematurely wear (age / break down) shingle material. Preventing ice dams from forming is highly recommended.

      Water in excessive and consistent amounts will cause the shingles in it's path to deteriorate rapidly as compared to the unaffected areas. This typically occurs with the use of evaporative coolers, in conjunction with faulty cooler components (float, tubing, overflow seal etc.) Shingles are not intended to withstand constant exposure to water flow.

      There are many good manufacturers of good products, but a good manufacturer and a good product does not necessarily guarantee a good roof. The difference is in the applicator that you choose to install your new roof system.




    Why Choose FixaRoof?

    What are the reasons why we feel you should consider Fixaroof over other firms? 

    More than perhaps any other reason is our people. First, all of our roofers are drug tested. This alone makes us fairly unique in the roofing industry. Beyond drug testing, every one of our people has gone through safety training. This safety training takes place upon hiring and once per year thereafter. Our safety training consists of safety films and a written test that each individual must pass before they can ever step foot on your roof. Our people are career people. The majority are married and have been with our firm for years. Our people participate in significant profit sharing as well as medical programs.

    Our men know how to conduct themselves on your property; they do not smoke on your roof and they wear proper, modest attire.

    Each job and each proposal is important to us. We take the time to investigate your roof, prepare roof drawings, photographs, as well as energy studies, and not just throw a bid together for the cheapest roof. All of this is to present you with what we feel is the best possible investment - one that meets the unique aspects of your roof.

    Fixaroof continues to carry substantial insurance coverage in spite of insurance premium increases as a result of our September 11th tragedy. Many firms have cut back on insurance coverage to conserve costs. We feel your project is too important to take such a risk.

    The manufacturers we use are substantial. They produce their own products in their own factories and are ones that we feel you can depend upon.

    Last, every roof we do is important to us and every roof receives our full and undivided attention.

    There are many good manufacturers of good products, but a good manufacturer and a good product does not necessarily guarantee a good roof. The difference is in the applicator that you choose to install your new roof system.

    If you are interested in why others have chosen Fixaroof, we hope that you will take the time ask for references. We take pride in what we do and understand that the satisfaction of our customers will speak volumes more about who we are and what we stand for -- far more than we ever could.

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    Brooklyn Roof Repairs - Roof Repairs in Brooklyn, Queens Staten Island Manhattan 

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