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The cheapest price may not be the best of jobs, while a top price is no guarantee of quality. Prices vary significantly between contractors. If a roofing company is employing tradesmen, the wage bill, and therefore the cost to the client, will be higher than a company who employ only laborers and young men and or under pay illegal aliens.

Ascertain whether the person you are dealing with is the Contractor. Some companies use professional sales people to 'sell' their roofing services, usually on a commission basis. Other companies don't actually do the work themselves, but sub-contract to other gangs. Most firms undertake a brief survey of the job, checking access, quantities, layout, etc., before submitting a price. Some firms will give you a price 'on the spot', whilst others will send you a price through the post, once they've done all the calculations.

It is best to ensure that each contractor is quoting for the same work. Draw up a specification, and ask each firm to tender for the works on the basis of that specification, and to make separate costs for any optional or extra items they consider might be required, such as extra drainage gullies or decorative curbs. You can find written specifications for the most common types of paving and drainage on the Specifications page.

Insist on written quotations or estimates, with the specification that the contractor will use written into the document as part of the price. Some contractors may prefer to submit 'estimates' rather than 'quotations' - as long as the specification and quantities are stated as part of the price, there should be no problem.
Estimates and quotations seem to be interchangeable within the residential construction market - estimates often come in 'on budget' whilst quotations may suddenly sprout extra costs not anticipated at the time of pricing the work. Make sure that any price you get, whether quotation or estimate, makes clear exactly what quantities of which materials the contractor will provide for the price stated, and which items or optional extras, if any, may incur additional charges.
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Check that the price stated by the contractor includes VAT - this can come as a shock if the price you have been given is suddenly upped by 17.5%.

Ask each contractor to supply you with a minimum of 3 addresses where they have installed the same, or very similar, paving to your chosen type. You should view their actual work rather than look at photographs that may or may not be their own work, and preferably speak to their previous clients. After all, if you were spending $3,000 or $5,000 on a car, you would want to take it for a test run before committing spend a Sunday driving around and moseying at other drives and make sure you are happy with the contractors and the paving type you have selected. It is far better to choose your paving type from real life examples rather than from dog-eared photos or professional advertising shots.

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Roofing * metal roofing * roofing material * roofing shingles * tile roofing * roofing contractor * roofing supply *



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